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The gopro killers? meet the action cameras of 2015 trying to topple the hd hero - amateur photographer

The kodak pixpro sp360- 4k has been designed and engineered to solve day to day challenges presented by professionals with the use of its split viewing 180-180 degrees as it can be used as a dashboard camera to record the subject and all around you. As far as resolutions go in 2017, 720p is already considered somewhat obsolete. The kodak pixpro sp360-4k will be sold with varying accessory bundles depending on geographical region. Let us take, for example, going to the beach. In filmmaking, hollywood and broadcast professionals typically use software that can cost a few thousands of dollars while running on workstations and render farms to stabilize just a few minutes of video. Last year release of the first kodak pixpro sp360 was received with great acclaimed by the press and especially by the sport/action people as it was designed for them in mind to answer the challenge of recording themselves and the action at the same time without the use of several devices.

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The sony fdr-x1000vr

Amateur action cam.

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Being a popular action camera manufacturer, they have a wide range of available accessories for every occasion. A custom-design liveview allow users to participate in events on the other side of the planet and still keep the data extremely secure.