Astm 217 cone penetration hardness

Astm d1321 - 16a standard test method for  needle penetration of petroleum waxes

99 inches / minute. 220v/50/60hz electric penetrometer is same as h-1240 and includes voltage adapter and internal switch on tuning mechanism to change cycle to 50hz. The degree to which lubricating grease resists deformation under the application of force. 1 hr to 09.

The measurement of the hardness of margarine and fats with cone penetrometers | springerlink

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Technical data

Consistency (hardness)Accredited testing laboratory methods: ukas, astm, ipc, mil-spec, iso | lucideonGardco :: penetrometersAstm 217 cone penetration hardness.List of available test in stride

Ukas accreditation

1 this test method covers the empirical estimation of the consistency of waxes derived from petroleum by measurement of the extent of penetration of a standard needle. 140 (waxes, bituminous materials and other petroleum products). Determines the consistency of hard lubricating grease and soft petrolatum.