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Some scientists think that meganeura were actually too big to be able to survive in the current atmosphere, citing the higher oxygen concentration in the prehistoric world as the only way an insect its size would be able to breathe in enough to support its massive body. And allegra credits her breast inspirations as country singer dolly parton and actress and model pamela anderson. ‘i love the challenge of seeing how big i could go and still maintain some measure of class and sophistication. Doctors removed approximately 1,000 grams of tissue from each breast. By all accounts, this makes meganeura one of the biggest bullets ever dodged by the human race, because if one of them collided with a bug zapper the resulting inferno would probably burn down your entire backyard.

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Hannah hiltons one of the two pornstars on this list. I think it’s only fair to throw monopoly money at strippers with fake boobs. However, she is rightly concerned about her visual imbalance, and she’s asked show doctors paul nassif and terry dubrow to get her a butt to match her somewhat incredible chest.

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