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Girls may even insert things into their vaginas. When you want to, when the urge hits, when something gets you turned on, when you feel yourself get very wet very quick, when you accidentally brush or bump your clitoris and it felt really good , reading a naughty paragraph or page in a book, when your nipples get erect and very sensitive, watching porn etc. Can you find ways to try maxing out the pleasure you get from each experience with yourself, perhaps by varying speed, pressure, or alternating hands? all of this could give you more information about your needs, desires, wants, and make the masturbation experience more deliberate. It can reduce tension and provide some sexual release. It’s purple and swollen. All folders including junk and spam. Is there a limit on this seemingly negative relationship between masturbating and.

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That said, it can become a problem if it interferes with your ability to function in your everyday life. In general, masturbation is not only harmless but also healthy.

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