Facial flat wart removal

Flat warts: identification, treatment, and more

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Get free tips on how to look and feel amazing here. Teens and others with acne or pimples may touch their face more and scratch or pick at their skin, which can provide an entry point for hpv. Their color ranges from yellowish brown to pinkish to flesh-colored. Flat warts are usually located on the face, on the neck, on legs, on hands and on fingers of a young man or woman. Is it worth it to remove something that in some time would usually disappear by itself? Flat warts often occur on the face or hands, so the harsher treatments used for other types of warts are often ruled out because they may leave scars.

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Thing to consider before treatment

Facial flat wart removal.

Causes of flat warts occurrence

Warts are among the three most common skin ailments treated, and occur equally in males and females. Flat warts are caused by hpv types 3, 10, 28, and 49.