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Peeing during sex: what you should know

Girls also may have vaginal bleeding between menstrual periods. But that doesn’t mean you need to jump out of bed to hit the restroom the second the main event ends. Staff sexologist and researcher at good vibrations, a feminist adult toy shop and education center in san francisco, to shine some much-needed light on the highly controversial phenomenon of squirting. That persists despite your best efforts to treat it, yeast may be to blame. All this has been said and more, and. Guys often feel a burning sensation when they pee, and yellowish-white discharge may ooze out of the urethra (at the tip of the penis). If a person’s healthy and doesn’t have any bacterial infections, there’s not a whole lot of bacteria coming through urine, and if there is, it’s the same as what would be in ejaculate,” says castellanos.

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About squirting, dismayed that researchers were trying to tell her that her ejaculate was no more than urine. To prevent further infections, encourage her to go when she has to go and not hold it.

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