How do deer pee

Deer may be peeing themselves out of their favorite winter habitats

There are unique chemicals, pheromones and hormones found in deer urine, making it not only distinct from human urine, but unique from deer to deer. I tie a 2-foot length of string to the ankle of my boot. Found there are at least 90 different compounds in doe urine. Estrous doe urine is the primary buck lure, the one that hunters crave. Rachel nuwer writes for smart news and is a contributing writer in science for smithsonian. When combined at a scrape site, the three behaviors appear to provide a host of information to any deer visiting the scrape. In fact, it’s virtually sterile when it’s eliminated, though it quickly becomes a vehicle for bacterial growth; heat kick-starts the process.

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To your decoy will be the final piece of realism needed to fool a mature buck into making a mistake. This will open up all of the website for you to see.

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