I have to many vagina holes

The science of your vagina: why women dont get looser after sex

I cannot believe someone goes through lots of medical intervention without being able to use correct terms. Ugh, currently having flashbacks to my parents’ downstairs guest bathroom when i decided i should get my sh*t together and stop using pads at the ripe age of 12. This leaflet is not about you or your vagina. Trans people might be having sex with a ‘cis’ woman who is in possession of a vagina. It’s hard to see and you can’t really feel anything there.

22 vagina facts that you need to know

The size of your vagina: is it normal?

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While your vaginal muscles may be tense at first, penetration shouldn’t be painful. Little did i know i had just blossomed into adulthood. Every day of 2015 was a bad day, even if i chose to have a good day.

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