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The first is that ejaculation contains zinc (this part is true) and therefore doing it too frequently will cause a zinc deficiency. I’m right right handed but pee and jerk off with my left. It weakens the sex organs and pelvic muscles, impacting the future sex life. And the brain’s reward circuit is being bombarded with pleasurable messages, with. However, you should engage in masturbation post workout on the 7th day to prevent the suppression of lh hormones which occurs on the 8th day. We’re gradually beginning to understand that (in the female brain at least) the mental patterns of arousal and stimulation visible in the brain actually differ between partner sex and solo masturbation.

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Hi, another thing is that i do 2 full body workouts a week i spend about 1 hour 40 1 hour 45 minutes on each one working every muscle group doing at least two different exercises for that muscle group, is this amount of time too long? because i know they say that when you workout a long time the cortisol levels go higher and higher. The fatigue after masturbation may lead to decrease in performance for some people but this is quite negligible to consider.

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