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Mature students

Seminars, sample material and tips. While medical schools are now more likely to accept students who have specialised in some non-science subjects, a general understanding of the sciences is preferred. Our more mature peers, many of whom have already had another life in a profession, perhaps with a family, subsequently come into medicine with a huge range of life experiences. Our student support services are available for all students and include academic support from personal tutors, careers support and disability support. However, time and time again i have witnessed our colleagues triumphing over this initial hurdle and being the much better students for doing so. Many medical schools now accept results of access to medicine courses from mature students, providing a route to university for students who do not have qualifications beyond gcse/o-level.

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Medical schools welcome applications from mature students, depending on your academic background, work experience and other relevant criteria, such as subjects and grades previously achieved. Pick the right course.