Orgasm during pelvic exams

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The first witness was 33 when she was referred to the doctor, whom she saw twice for gynaecological problems. I have a good friend that was asked by her male gyn if she needed help finding and understanding her g-spot. (to be clear as well, this would be a pretty unusual occurrence. She left the practice of medicine to raise her four children.

Orgasm during pelvic exam - doctor answers on healthcaremagicProject muse - waking sleeping beauty: the premarital pelvic exam and heterosexuality during the cold war

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Just like doctors are trained not to get emotional if they lose a patient so doctors are calm when someone dies, but yet if it is someone they know who dies they will be showing all sorts of emotions. The surgeons initially thought i had appendicitis but the emergency doctor performed a vaginal exam and realised that my cervix was extremely tender. My husband goes everywhere i go and same with me for him.

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