Pantyhose made just for men

Hosiery for men

The fabric is thicker, more durable. There is a natural reversal going on to this process as society is now more accepting of diversity. The looking at me directly to see if i was serious. Of course it is! but why would they want to? pantyhose are very uncomfortable, they squeeze your belly (and presumably your junk as well!) and they make you sweaty! a better approach to pantyhose is nude thigh highs. Since that evening, i have played drums in them.

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Men in tights: how chaps are reclaiming hosiery | fashion | the guardianPantyhose made just for men.

Tights for men

I roll up my pant leg to show her. That at least shows you are making an effort to still be different but also not to the point where you are trying to attract attention. So many questions still unanswered.