Parents against interracial dating

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Like others in this thread have suggested, you tell your parents that you are disappointed in them. Be blunt, don’t apologize, and don’t “ask” (such as “what’s is the problem?” “i dont know why” because bit doesn’t matter) because you don’t need an explanation, don’t give them that room. Inspired by a social worker at a young age, carmel decided to dedicate her life to helping children in need. Coming form an asian family, i have witnessed this problem my whole life, which i find really sad. My mom was a huge advocate of me writing this book, and helping other families through this last prejudice that exists primarily at home.

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Wtf is wrong with people. And i share all of that path, the funny points and the sad ones, in my book because if i can help one other family get to that place – the place where they size each other up by their humanity, rather than where their ancestors came from – then it was worth every moment i spent writing it. And studies on mitochondrial dna show that the notion of “pure race” is total fucking garbage.

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