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Severus knew there was no time to wait for moody. Eventually, with the patient too exhausted to respond to even the most ferocious stimulation, release of a sort came with a second injection, sending her into a deep, dreamless sleep despite her continued bondage. Taylor vixen shows of her amaz. The third arm, at the centre of her breast harness, retracted an inch and the steel claws clamped around her nipples retracted with it, stretching the trapped buds even further! completely immobilised by her bondage, she had absolutely no hope of avoiding or resisting the mechanical rape of her belly and mouth and as she was forced to accept that she had become nothing more than a static receptacle for the twin shafts, she was dumbfounded to find that she was becoming aroused by her plight!

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Most alarming and humiliating of all though was the large, thick, hard shaft buried deep in her stretched sex. These hot wild sluts love to be tied up then humiliated to a stagering limit of pain. Please uncle, you have to stop this.