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You know, that one spiral arm where everybody is a little bit alternative. It starts out with “trailers” for non-existent movies like. Here’s a trailer for the re-release of the movie, featuring 1970s porn director gail palmer. By visualizing their story-telling (the name given by the psychologists to their fantasies) the film portrays the confessions, the secret longings, the adventures, recollections, dreams, desires and fantasies of these women. The acting is kind of amazing, especially when the demon says, “i will feel your tits. So she can tie them up and whip them, and stuff. Zack and brian are on their way to las vegas.

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What makes this especially great is the tagline: “protecting the earth from the cum of the universe. Instead of going to the afterlife, her soul gets trapped in cyberspace, where she meets god. Blackmail and desire meet for a weekend in the swedish countryside.

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