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But a majority of americans still support it. When my son was 5-6 a friend “pinch him” because he wanted to leave the line @ an ice skating rink. Instilling fear by physical punishment is not the same as discipline. According to aap, spanking is never recommended. I really have a problem with this spare the rod spoil the child nonsense. Ron mackey for your comment of the problems with children today, parents and their “lasafare” “lets just peacifiy them,” parenting.

I dumped a friend because she spanked her kidsIs it ok for someone else to spank your child? - circle of moms

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Decades of research show that spanking is ineffective at best, harmful at worstIs it ok to spank a misbehaving child once in a while?Excited boyfriend spanking girlfriend at color festival, young people having fun stock footage video 23615509 | shutterstockSpank young friend.Why spanking is a detrimental form of punishment for children - dont hit your kid | someecards spankingSpanking: pros and consHow to ask my best friend to spank me for punishment - quoraHarmful effects of spanking a toddler can linger for a decade or more

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Don infuses the spanking with positive reinforcement. Is it ok for someone to spank my child without my previous consent or knowledge? no it is not.