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The best available data indicates that on average there is a five to ten year period of denial during which a woman who was traumatized by her abortion will repress her feelings. Reality tv shows that follow the struggles of teen mothers, may have contributed to up to a third of the decline in teen births from june 2009, when they began airing, through the end of 2010. Teens who choose abortion because they recognize their own immaturity and inability to care for a baby are making a responsible decision; it may not be one that everyone agrees with, but it also cuts short a cycle that is on the rise in the u. At 49 days lmp, the size of the embryo will be about one-fifth of an inch. The pressure to ‘keep it a secret’ no longer exists as it did in past generations.

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Our work supports the dedicated health care professionals who make reproductive choice a reality, as well as the women they serve. Each year, a broad cross section of u. About 95-98% of women will have a successful medical abortion.

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