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Since there was no increase in salvage attempts over the decades, it is unlikely that better follow-up or imaging techniques led to earlier detection or subsequent irradication of persistent or recurrent disease. Or cancerous change microscopically. Uab healthfinder – 800. Further studies are required if there is interest in establishing the true nature of the relationship between hiv infection. The goals in the treatment of epidermoid cancer of the anal canal are cure, local control, sphincter salvage, and avoidance of a permanent colostomy, all the while attempting to minimize morbidity. Of anticancer drugs and radiation than patients who do not have hiv.

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Anal canal cancer has in past years been more common in women. For women who have not yet been through menopause, radiotherapy to the pelvic region may cause periods to stop permanently. There is a vaccine to prevent infection from four common hpv types.

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