Why german cars suck

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It’s pcs vs macs, if that means anything to you. The hallmark of a corolla or civic is it will reliably get you from a to b with excellent fuel economy and basically no maintenance for the first 150k miles of its life. Most of my german friends said that if you are going to own a german car that the only choice was a mb. For the price of a porsche 911 oil changed i can swap in rebuilt beetle transmission, clutch and axel bearings and seals for the same price. I am driving a 1999 e39 bmw 540i for about 10 years. There is a lot of valid criticism of this but it is actual data, and a lot less subjective than stereotypes.

Bmw engines are gigantic pieces of shit

Why are german cars known for their engineering excellence while many of them experience complicated and expensive failures? : cars

A reputation lost

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Sacrifice for performance

To do the same job with less components. But when you look beyond the high price tag and the fancy commercials, do these vehicles actually live up to their notoriety? You can’t go wrong with that.